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CMI completed the acquisition of General Cables Energy (GCE), a fully-owned subsidiary of General Cable Corporation (GCC), a Fortune 500 company. GCE with its facility located at Baddi, in Himachal Pradesh, will now become a wholly-owned subsidiary of CMI"

Products Approvals

  • BHEL Approval
  • BSNL Approval
  • C Dot Approval
  • DMRC Approval
  • EIL Approval
  • ISRO Approval
  • NPCIL Approval
  • NSIC Approval
  • NTPC Approval
  • RDSO Approval
  • SAIL Approvals
Sr. No. Approving Authority Type of Cable
1. QMS ISO 9001 : 2008 Certificate
AQA International ISO 14001 : 2004 Certificate
OHSAS 18001 : 2007 Certificate
3. BIS IS 694
IS 1554 Part 1
IS 14255 : 1995
IS 9968 (Part 1)
IS 7098 Part 1 : 1988
IS 14494 : 1988
3. RDSO 1.4 mm Quad Cable
0.9 mm Quad Cable
(IRS TC 30/05)
PIJF Telecom Cable
(IRS TC 41/97)
Railway Signalling
(IRS S63/2007)
Railway Power Cable
(IRS S63/2007, IS 1554 Part 1)
Railway Single Core Indoor Signalling (IRS S 76/89)
Railway Multi Core Indoor Signalling (IRS S 76/89)
4 BSNL PIJF Telecom Cable
5 EIL PVC Insulated Control Cables
PVC Insulated Fire Alarm &
Communication & Cables
Jelly Filled Communication
PVC/PE Insulated Signal Cable
6 NPCIL Control & Instrumentation Cables
7 C-DoT Varius Switch Board, Sheilded
Single & Multi core Cable as per
their Specification
8 NSIC For different sizes/ types as per
customer requirement
Sr. No. Approving Authority Type of Cable
9 JMRC Telephone Cables
10 DMRC Telephone Cables
11 NTPC LT Control Cable
12 BHEL Hyderabad Control Cable
13 BHEL Triuchirappalli XLPE LT Power Cable MM/RM/SDC dated
31.05.14 Vendor
Code : 13306
Multi Core Control Cable
Compensating cable
Multi Pair Instrument Cable
14 BHEL Ranipet LT Control Cable Vendor Code : 1096
Instrument Cable
LT Power Cable
15 BHEL Bhopal Control Cables & Wires Vendor Code : C1106
LT Control Cable Vendor Code : C04
Instrument Cable
EPR Insulated Fire Survival Cable
LT PVC/ XLPE Power Cable IS-BG
1A/AK/04/P483/4655/Eqp33 /35
dated 02.11.2011

Vendor Code : 4655
LT PVC/ XLPE Control Cable
PIJF Cable
Rubber cable
Instrument Cable
Screen Cable
Co- axial Cable
18 ISRO Proulsion Complex,
Mahendragiri formely LPSC
PVC Cable Dated 30.04.2014
PTFE Cable
Co- axial Cable
Low Noise Cable
Ethernet Cable
Thermocouple Cable
Video cable
XLPE Cable
Sr. No. Approving Authority Type of Cable
19 ISRO Telemetry,
Tracking & Command network
Electrical Cables & Wires
20 Space
Application Centre
Data & Compouter & Communication Cables
Electrical Wires
LT Power Cable & Wires
RF cables
21 ISRO Satellite
Audio Grade Cable
Data Grade Cable
Electrical Cable
Video Grade Cable
22 Satish Dhawan
Space Centre
RF cables
Control Cable
LT Cable Wires
Data Cable
Teflon Cable
Instrumentation Cable
Compouter cable
23 Liquid Propulsion
Systems Centre, Valiamala
Electronic cable
LT cable
Wiring Cable
Control Cable
Telephone Cable
24 Liquid Propulsion
System Centre,
Cables Wires
25 Durgapur Steel
Plant (SAIL)
Cable Electric Power & Control
Telephone Cable
XLPE Cable
Instrumentation Cable
EPR/CSP/ Silicon
Rubber Cable